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St.Brendan's Masterclass in Presenting with Impact

  • St.Brendan's Masterclass in Presenting with Impact 21 Decembrie 1989 Blvd, no 77Cluj-Napoca, Romania Cluj-Napoca, CJ, 400604 Romania (map)

Karen Glossop

Karen has been developing people’s skills in communication under the aegis of Resonance Training since 1997. Her approach is rooted in her expertise in the arts, bringing creativity and energy to her workshops.

She regularly collaborates on senior leadership programmes with Cass Business School; London Business School; and Saïd Business School, Oxford. Other recent clients include Fluor, TechUK, SOAS, London Luton Airport, the Royal Academy of Engineering, and the National Centre of Cyber Security. Karen blogs regularly about public speaking and influencing.  

As well as working as a training consultant, Karen is co-artistic director of award-winning theatre company, Wishbone.

Masterclass overview

When we communicate, we don’t just transmit content from one brain to another. Meaningful communication comes from an emotional connection between people, and between people and ideas.

Making a convincing impact is not merely a matter of personality, however. Much depends on a commitment to mastering a craft. We can decide the type of words we use; how we breathe and move; whether we assert our power or defer it; how we adjust our rhythms of speech, and more. Making good choices will empower you to become credible, engaging and persuasive.

This two-day interactive workshop will introduce you to creative yet pragmatic approaches for making your presence felt and your voice heard. You can use these in informal meetings as well as formal presentations. We’ll experiment with classic methods – such as rhetoric and storytelling – for memorable messaging. Using techniques from the theatre, we’ll explore how you can develop your own unique personal presence to connect with others.

By the end of this Masterclass, you will be able to:

  • Structure your message clearly and persuasively;

  • Tailor your approach and language to suit a range of audiences;

  • Deal effectively with any tension and nerves in front of audiences;

  • Harness the natural power of your voice;

  • Read and play different levels of status (body-language and non-verbal power);

  • Build rapport and establish credibility;

  • Develop confidence in your own natural talents as a communicator while gaining insights into what you can continue to improve further – and how.

Is this masterclass for me?

The Masterclass is appropriate for both beginners and more experienced professionals. It ideally suits people who:

  • Aim to raise their professional profile and enhance their leadership potential;

  • Want to get buy-in for a creative or business proposal;

  • Lead a team or a business, and need others to buy into their vision;

  • Make presentations to internal or external stakeholders;

  • Sell or market to customers;

  • Are interested in developing their skills as communicators.

St.Brendan's philosophy is simple: learning by doing. St.Brendan students are the 1% that don't just build a career, they build a dream. That's why we do our best to help them work with the best teachers in the world. And that's why we don't do lectures or boring courses: we create masterclasses, designed to actually boost your skills, literally overnight.

DATE: February 1ST & 2ND, 2019